Dixie Dandies 
HUB Asakusa, March 11, 2006





高相  徹 Toru Takaso (Leader, tp)
中島 治郎 Jiro Nakajima (tb)
中島由美子 Yumiko Nakajima (p)
前田 健次 Kenji Maeda (d)
今井惣一郎 Soichiro Imai (cl)
菅野天津男 Tetsuo Kanno (cl)
小松 壮夫 Takeo Komatsu (bj)
山下 晶朗 Akio Yamashita (b)
新子 和江 Kazue Atarashi (vcl)
村井 健一 Kenichi Murai (vcl)
1st SET 6:20-7:00pm 以下録音

1. Bourbon Street Parade
2. Shaik Of Araby
3. Wabash Blues
4. In The Shade Of Old Apple Tree
5. Tennessee Waltz
6. Apex Blues
7. It's A Long Way To Tipperary

2nd SET 7:30-8:10pm 以下録音

1. Chimes Blues
2. On The Rail Rord
3. My Manday Date
4. Bill Baily Won't You Please Come Home
5. On A Slow Boat To China

3rd SET 8:40-9:20pm 以下録音

1. The Entertainer
2. In The Garden
3. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
4. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
5. Rose Room
6. Get Out And Get Under The Moon
7. Georgia On My Minde
8. That's A Plenty into When The Saints Go Marting In
9. Jada (Theme)

3rd SET 8:40-9:20pm 以下録音